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Unprecedented times call for innovative solutionsWhen COVID-19 struck last year, individuals around the globe raced to find ways to cope with the challenges thrown at them, primarily those within the healthcare industry. As a result, healthcare technologies like those developed by V2 clients have been put to the testand proven their worth in full 

The efforts of these innovators haven’t gone unnoticed by the mediaKeep reading to see the headlines we’ve secured for our clients over the past few months 

Current Health in The Wall Street Journal: Remote-Care Companies Scale Up to Combat Coronavirus Threat

Soaring demand for telehealth and remote-care tools is prompting digital-health startups like Current Health to ramp up quickly, as their remote-care equipment enables hospital workers to maintain critical patient insights while simultaneously slowing the spread of COVID-19.   

CarePort Health in Forbes: Inside CarePort, The Female-Founded Company Powering Post-Hospital Care That Sold For $1.35 Billion 

Following the company’s second acquisition last yearForbesWomen spotlighted CarePort Health and its founder Lissy Hu, who created CarePort in 2012 to improve and expedite the process of coordinating post-hospital care for patients upon discharge.  

DirectPath in CNBC: ‘Don’t leave money on the table’: 7 things to consider during open enrollment this year 

The pandemic has increased the complexities of employer-sponsored health insurance plan—so how are employees to make sense of the changes? Kim Buckey, Vice President of Client Services at DirectPath, a benefits consultantdetails what employees should look out for when renegotiating their healthcare plans in light of current circumstances.  

Nuance in Healthcare DiveMicrosoft Teams integrates with EHRs for provider telehealth 

Digital clinical assistants like Nuance’s are meant to ease administrative burden on providers by streamlining the time-intensive and rote process of inputting data into patient records—a tool so valuable that Microsoft recently integrated Nuance’s AI-enabled speech-to-text software into its Teams to automate physician note taking during the patient’s virtual visit.  

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February 4, 2021


By Kristen Leathers


Client Success, Tech PR