Three V2 Healthcare Clients Honored in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Program

This week, not one… not two… but THREE V2 clients were recognized in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas awards program. This annual program honors companies committed to creating innovative solutions that address the world’s most critical problems and improve society.

Not only is it commendable that several of our clients have been recognized in this esteemed program, but it’s also worth noting that each client was specifically recognized for their contributions to the healthcare industry during a particularly health-critical time.

Amid the most trying year in living history, these companies – Nuance Communications, CarePort and Current Health – demonstrated agility, perseverance and a deep commitment to creating and scaling technologies to help front line workers manage the COVID-19 crisis and set the foundation for more engaging, equitable care delivery models in the future.

V2 is immensely proud to partner with these visionary organizations to communicate their groundbreaking ideas and how they advance the healthcare market – today and in the long term. In a noisy space plagued with myriad issues, these companies have stood out by:

  • Clearly communicating their market vision
  • Addressing how their solutions (and, in this case, their World Changing Ideas) address key market issues
  • Sharing the impact of their ideas/solutions through third-party validation (customer testimonials, analyst validation, etc.)
  • Demonstrating company momentum and growth with data

These accomplishments are critical elements in communicating World Changing Ideas, and key to our clients’ PR success. With that, we celebrate our healthcare partners and this year’s award honorees:

Nuance Communications

The healthcare industry has been combatting what the World Medical Association has called a “pandemic of physician burnout” for years, with 51% of physicians reporting frequent or constant feelings of burnout, citing administrative work as a key reason. COVID-19 only intensified this strain. With widescale hospital deployments in earl 2020, Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) – an AI-powered, voice-enabled solution – alleviates physicians’ administrative burdens so they can focus on caring for patients, not paperwork. Using ambient clinical intelligence (ACI), Nuance DAX securely and automatically captures in-person and virtual physician-patient conversations with either purpose-built exam room hardware or mobile phones. It understands the content and context of the conversation, extracts the clinically relevant portions and creates high-quality notes for physician review and inclusion in the electronic health record (EHR) system. It allows physicians to remain fully engaged with patients, undistracted by a keyboard, mouse and a form on a computer screen.

Learn more about Nuance in these stories published by Fast Company, Cheddar and Becker’s Health IT.


As healthcare providers grappled to manage COVID-19 patient surges at the onset of the pandemic, CarePort swiftly implemented COVID-19-specific product innovations to its care coordination platform to enhance communication, transparency and collaboration between disparate stakeholders across the care continuum. These product enhancements enabled hospitals to communicate patients’ COVID-19 testing status to post-acute providers in real time, while also allowing post-acute providers to proactively convey their willingness and ability to accommodate patients with positive, negative or pending COVID-19 test results. Given the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 crisis, the enhanced communication afforded by CarePort’s product innovations proved critical in ensuring the safety of patients and staff within both acute and post-acute care settings.

Read more about CarePort in these stories published by the Boston Globe, Forbes and Inc.

Current Health

As the pandemic pushed health systems to the brink, Current Health worked quickly to enable health systems to manage patient health at home using its remote care management platform. In addition to helping preserve capacity by caring for patients at home, Current Health’s clinical dashboard provided health systems the insight needed to prioritize resources, streamline operations and focus on the patients who needed care most. Current Health also worked with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, like the Mayo Clinic, to support decentralized clinical trials. With its continuous remote monitoring technology and built-in telehealth capability, Current Health removed the need for in-person site visits while supporting patient safety and therapy development efforts.

Read more about Current Health in these stories published by the Wall Street Journal, STAT and VentureBeat

For more, check out Fast Company’s Summer 2021 issue (on newsstands May 10), which will feature Current Health, CarePort and Nuance among other inventive organizations tackling exigent global challenges.


May 4, 2021


By Kristen Leathers


Client Success