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Two V2 Clients Recognized as Top 100 AI Companies Fueling Business Growth & Innovation

Version 2.0 is proud to be working with some of the hottest Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies in the United States. V2 clients UiPath and DataRobot were recently recognized as two of the top 100 AI companies in the world by CB Insights for their innovative products and vision for the future. Companies that made the list were chosen from a pool of 3,000 organizations in the AI space and evaluated on several factors, including the number of patents, investments, market potential and the novelty of their technology.

Everywhere you turn, AI is a growing part of the conversation—especially when it comes to the future of work. In fact,

A recent Accenture study found that commercial AI technology is projected
to increase labor productivity by 37 percent by 2035.

As PR pros with clients in the space, we see the headlines about how AI will change the workplace—including some worried about job loss and other negative impacts. Yet, we know from working with clients like UiPath and DataRobot that AI will benefit the workforce, not diminish it. Managing the messaging around disruption and change is a key component of the work we do with companies like these.

How our clients contribute to growth
UiPath Robotic Process Automation

With its market-leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution, and through its commitment to bring digital-era skills to individuals worldwide, UiPath is driving the “Automation First” era and transforming the way we work. UiPath’s RPA platform allows employees to delegate burdensome tasks to robots and focus on more gratifying work. Its mission is to usher in a new work paradigm where every employee has a robot to prevent burnout—helping to enable people to operate as efficiently as possible. UiPath has automated millions of tasks for organizations and government agencies worldwide.

DataRobot Automated Machine Learning

DataRobot is the category creator and leader of automated machine learning. Organizations worldwide use DataRobot to empower the teams they already have in place to rapidly build and deploy machine learning models and create advanced AI applications. With a library of hundreds of the most powerful open source machine learning algorithms, the DataRobot platform encapsulates every best practice and safeguard to accelerate and scale data science capabilities while maximizing transparency, accuracy and collaboration. By making data scientists more productive and enabling the democratization of data science, DataRobot helps organizations transform into AI-driven enterprises and create an AI-driven culture through collaboration.

AI innovation brings greater productivity, work/life balance and innovation to the workplace

Version 2.0 is proud to work with the leading minds in AI who are using this disruptive technology to enhance our jobs, pave the way for greater productivity, promote a stronger work/life balance and fuel more innovation. Look out for the next infographic in our Disruptor Series for a closer look at the AI industry.


March 6, 2019


By Debora Almeida


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