V2’s Thanksgiving Menu

PR stars by day, talented home chefs and bartenders by night—V2ers have a few tricks up their sleeves. Here’s what the team’s cooking up for their holiday meals this year:

Maura FitzGerald, Co-Founder and Partner

“I really like to cook and Laurie Colwin’s creamed spinach With jalapeño peppers is one of my most-requested recipes. It’s wonderful at Thanksgiving or any time of year.”

Grace Lucier, Assistant Account Executive

“My mom’s ‘Family Secret’ stuffing is legendary. The odd part of this family dish: I never saw her make it. It always somehow appeared amongst the spread, consistently amazing each year. So, when I had my first true Friendsgiving in college, I knew I had to get a peek at the magic behind the curtain. When I called to ask for the recipe, she became serious. It took her all of 10 seconds to list the ingredients. Four items to purchase total, and more butter than I care to share publicly. It’s a winner every time I make it! Thanks mom!”

Katelyn Holbrook, SVP, Managing Director

“Charcuterie boards are my go-to appetizer these days—they’re foolproof to make, easy to transport, beautiful on any table and typically have at least something for everyone (including picky kids who I find love this because they think of it as having “snacks”). There’s no recipe, but Pinterest is great for inspiration and this article has some great Thanksgiving-specific ideas.”

Caroline Morganelli, Account Coordinator

“I’ll be making these Oreo balls, something my mom always makes!”

Kristen Leathers, VP

“I’m ‘making’ (more like assembling) Ina’s shrimp cocktail. Not very Thanksgiving-y but we’re going app-heavy and all the traditional ones got scooped up!”

Jenna Gilligan, VP of HR

“Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without my aunt’s cornbread stuffing! And by my aunt’s, I mean Anne Burrell’s.”

Alli Webster, Account Director

“This year I’m looking forward to making the very simple and delicious Apple Cider Mimosa. Grab some local apple cider, mix it with prosecco, and voila—it’s a grown-up sparkling cider.”

Courtney Garvey, Content Executive

“I’m on dessert duty but trying to keep it simple this year by making cookies. I’m currently eyeing Claire Saffitz’ palmiers so that they still feel fancy for the occasion.”

Kristin Lemley, Assistant Content Executive

“I’m more of an ‘assembling’ person, so my job is making a cheese plate that’s shaped like a turkey. It usually looks something like this. The crackers and cheese make the feathers and you can use pieces of fruit to make the shape of the body in the middle. It’s very cute and fun to do if you have younger kids at your Thanksgiving!”

V2 wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!



November 23, 2021


By Courtney Garvey


V2 Culture