What Does 2022 Hold for the Media Landscape?

At the start of every new year, PR people across the globe set out on the same mission: placing their clients’ predictions in top media outlets. V2 is no different—just check out Tellius’ data analytics predictions in insideBIGDATA, Kinaxis’ supply chain predictions in TechTarget, Rocket’s IBM predictions in IT Jungle or TCP’s predictions in HR Executive, to name a few.

This year, we decided it was time to flip the script and find out what our friends in the press are predicting for the months ahead. With Omicron keeping COVID-19 headlines front and center, and continued news stories tied to supply chain issues, climate change and The Great Resignation, the media landscape is only getting more complicated.

To help our clients and peers navigate this, we reached out to our network of media influencers to ask what they foresee as the main headline drivers in the year ahead. Their predictions? Read on to find out.

On creating successful hybrid working worlds:

It feels that we will be in a hybrid virtual/in-person world for work, trade shows and conferences — as well as just basic activities such as shopping and entertainment — permanently. Employers, brands and media companies will have to embrace a spectrum of attitudes toward virtual and in-person. Those who are most successful will accommodate all of them. Those who go just one direction will leave business — and money — on the table for competitors to snatch up. Bottom line: We want choice, and we seek the companies that offer it. Don Fluckinger, Senior News Writer, TechTarget

On keeping up with in-demand topics and noisy markets:

My beat covering electric vehicles and the transportation space will grow as the auto industry itself grows! As EVs continue to gain attention and investment, I’ve found myself expanding my coverage from focusing on the legacy automakers and startup manufacturers to also include other businesses important for this shift, especially those working on battery chemistries, the battery materials supply chain and EV charging infrastructure.

This year, I expect to cover more of these nascent industries that are popping up to support the transition to electric, including EV battery recycling and maybe, industries we haven’t even heard of yet. As the auto business continues to focus its resources, talent and efforts on pivoting their product lines to EVs, the auto beat will respond and will have to pivot quickly. Electrifying our transportation ecosystem is a massive undertaking, and the stakeholders, companies, partnerships, government incentives and investment dollars needed to make it all happen will be a major focus on the beat this year.” – Alexa St. John, Transportation Reporter, Insider

On how executives will be evaluated:

One (and in my opinion overdue) shift is a move from near total focus on efficiency to an increasing comfort with ambiguity and flexibility. It’s part of what organizations tend to lose as they grow, and the past two years have forced individuals and organizations to be more flexible. There’s always a trade-off between efficiency and flexibility, investors have tended to reward the former. Organizations that embrace the latter will find greater success with employee engagement and customer satisfaction.” – Karen Walker, Leadership Strategy Contributor, Forbes

On boosting engagement with non-COVID-19 stories and premium offerings:

The pandemic will remain a dominant storyline in 2022, but readers are incredibly hungry for non-COVID news. We’ve seen that here at Home Health Care News, with stories related to innovative care models, in-home care investment and M&A often having the strongest engagement time.

Another big-picture trend we’re seeing more of in media is the launch of premium platforms. We’re trying our hand at this with HHCN+, with our main value-add for readers being exclusive access to home-based care’s top decision-makers and what they’re thinking.” – Robert Holly, Editor, Home Health Care News




January 14, 2022


By Nicole Metro


Media Relations