What’s Your Beat?

It’d be an understatement that say that V2ers have plenty of experience working with journalists—but what if the roles were reversed? We asked V2ers what their beats would be if they were the ones scouring the world for stories—keep reading to see what they said:

Katelyn Holbrook, SVP, Managing Director

“My beat would be the Influencer Economy. The whole phenomenon intrigues me and is something I’ve had a front seat to see evolve over time—and it’s still changing so quickly! There are some really interesting stories to be told around how influencers are shaping marketing, product development and business more broadly, what the rules of engagement look like for the creators and brands, and where the grey lines exist so audiences who are being influenced can understand.”

Victoria Newell, Account Director

“My beat would be music. A friend of mine used to cover concerts and music news for some local Boston publications and I was always so jealous of him. He got to go to shows of all sizes and meet musicians of all levels of fame and more often than not, he was writing about what an awesome time he had listening to their music.”

Amanda Maguire, Account Manager

“This won’t come as a shock to anyone in the agency, but I would 100% be a travel reporter or blogger. Getting paid to explore new places and share their unique characteristics with others would be a dream come true—I’d love to encourage people to go out and see what the world has to offer!”

Kristin Lemley, Assistant Content Executive

“Definitely arts and culture. I would love to get paid to go to plays, art galleries, movie premieres and concerts and give my opinion on them. I have a lot of opinions on these things already, so having the professional creds to back them up would be fun.

Kristen Leathers, VP

“I would love to do a column like NYT Corner Office so I could go deep with some of the most influential business leaders in the game. That, or have a luxury real estate beat because I’m nosy and would like to see inside people’s homes.”

Hannah Fairbanks, Senior Account Executive

“If I was a reporter my beat would definitely be internet influencers…I am fascinated by Tik Tok teens and young adults that manage to amass huge followings and careers on social media apps. I would love to report on how influencers are changing the internet and their ventures into business along with how they handle social and economic issues.”

Jenna Gilligan, VP of HR

“I would absolutely cover public transit. I’m fascinated by what the current state of a system says about the history of a city, how it both dictates and reflects that city’s currents, and the role it needs to play in helping a city meet its cultural, population and environmental goals.”

Megan Nealon, Account Director

“I would cover travel or food, OR a mix of both! I think this would be an awesome way to indulge my love of travel, trying new things (like food) and meeting interesting people. It would also be a good excuse to bring the family on ‘work’ trips.”

Allison Webster, Account Director

“This may sound out of left field, but people who know me well will understand: I’d cover espionage, national security and private intelligence. Any headlines about spy activity are a must-read for me. And I’m sure I’d meet some of the most fascinating people on the planet.”

Nicole Metro, Account Director

“I’m torn between my passion for the movie industry and desire to be interviewing directors, writers and red carpet celebrities—with my other passion for mysteries and investigative work. Being an investigative journalist sounds so fascinating, albeit challenging, and I think I’d really enjoy trying to piece together different research, interviews, etc. to create one really compelling story.”

Erin Cooper, Senior Account Executive

To no one’s surprise at V2, I’d make the switch to pop culture. Getting to write about Taylor Swift’s re-records for a living? Getting the scoop on the inspiration behind Adele’s newest album? Yes, please!”

Liam Sullivan, Account Manager

“While I love the world of tech, I’d more than likely switch over and write about movies if I was to ever become a reporter. Fun fact, I majored in journalism in college and worked as a sports staff writer at my school’s paper, The Daily Orange. While there, I wrote about everything from women’s field hockey to national college football and basketball stories, though it ultimately wasn’t for me. Today, movies are one my passions and when not watching them, I love reading film reviews, coverage of The Oscars and even casting announcements. With so many streaming options today, it’d be a fun challenge to keep up with all of the new films, directing readers as to what movies are worth their valuable downtime.”

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November 22, 2021


By Courtney Garvey


V2 Culture