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Moving You Forward: Engaging Key Audiences in a New Business Landscape
Layoffs. HR issues. Product failures. Data breaches. Executive misconduct.

Whether an organization is an industry champion or startup, it must proactively identify risks and plan accordingly. When an unexpected situation arises or when the Board asks for a crisis readiness plan, organizations must be prepared.

Let our experience be your advantage: V2 helps our clients avoid pitfalls, communicate effectively and take back control of brand reputation in times of crisis.

V2 has a defined process to help cross-functional teams work together to assess and prioritize the types of issues and crises a company is likely to face. We help our clients understand the relative brand impact of these situations and prioritize scenario planning. Developing formal crisis communications protocols ensure teams are aligned with roles and responsibilities during a crisis, and formal communications plans help maintain control and coordination of information before, during and after a crisis. With the protocols in place, V2 develops detailed playbooks to address specific, prioritized scenarios.

We were able to lean heavily on V2’s experience – they knew exactly what we needed and sprang into action, developing a strategy and creating an execution plan that took into account the global nature of our situation. They quickly developed key messages, FAQs and other supporting documents that helped our CEO and executive spokespeople feel prepared and comfortable addressing the situation quickly and candidly with key audiences. In addition, their guidance around not only internal communications but also social media was a critical factor in our ability to deal successfully with our situation.

Crisis Communications Client