A dizzying combination of constant innovation and exhilarating growth—that is the essence of the B2B technology industry. V2 is expert at transforming complex technology concepts and in-the-weeds product language into compelling storylines that command attention. With our finger on the pulse of the B2B technology landscape, we help clients stay ahead of the innovation curve, differentiate themselves from competitors and dominate the industry dialogue.

V2 has notable client experience, in-depth knowledge and influencer relationships across the B2B tech landscape, from cybersecurity, AI/automation and IT infrastructure, to fintech, martech, supply chain and beyond. 

V2 has already proven to be an indispensable partner in growing the UiPath brand. From Day 1, the team has reflected a clear understanding of our business goals and devised – and executed – a PR strategy that would help us achieve our objectives.

Bobby Patrick
CMO UiPath
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