A Dog’s Life: Dispatches from the V2 Pups

Hi everyone,

Phil here. Reporting from home, where Dad and I are every day, but now… Mom’s home too? That’s been fun but interesting. I’ve gotten a good glimpse into her daily routine. She’s on the phone a lot and is always looking at her computer. Sometimes I hear her talking about other dogs called “SpotOn” – I don’t love it to be honest (I should be the only pup in her life). She mostly stays in the office, which I’m not really allowed in while she’s working since I’m “too loud” (her words). I’m not sure why though – I’m just bringing her toys and jumping on the couch, no big deal. BUT, the best thing about her being home so much now are all the treats! I basically get to eat whatever she’s eating. Turns out we have very similar palates. As for Dad, I find it’s really helpful to keep him on our normal walk/snuggle routine. All in all, social distancing has been working out well for our family.

Because this is a pretty topsy turvy time for all of us, I thought I’d also check in on the other V2 doggies. Here’s how they’re faring with all their humans at home:

Milou + Jackie: Quarantine’s been a real treat for us. Mom says we’re not supposed to call this time a “vacation,” but from our point of view, we get to go on lots of nature walks, cuddle while she reads her cookbooks and eat a bunch of…well, treats!


Reggie, friend of Nicole Metro, Account Director: This whole quarantining thing has really helped with my anxiety because I know EXACTLY where mom and dad are at all times. When I’m not napping – which tends to be every other hour, on the hour – I split my time going back and forth between mom’s office (the living room) and dad’s office (the bedroom) every day. I like to check in on them and let them know I am here if they need me (and I also don’t want them to think I’m picking favorites – they need an equal amount of love and attention, always).

I’ve also stepped up my security game lately by keeping a close watch out the windows to warn mom anytime someone gets too close (hello people – six feet!). She doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying, but it’s okay – I can rest easy knowing I’ve done my part.

My favorite thing is when they invite me onto their Zoom calls and everyone tells me how cute I am. I try to act cool and pretend I’m not listening, but I secretly love it.


Ralph, friend of Meaghan Bernie, Account Coordinator: The best friend and I have been reunited, and if feels SO GOOD. But she is always tapping away at the bright square on the food eating spot! I don’t know what she’s doing, but I just stare at her in hopes that we can play with my favorite toy – the slipper – or go to the water hole for swims so I can catch up with the ducks. She says we have to “social distance” right now, so the slipper will have to do in the meantime.

When she doesn’t give me pats on the head, after a while, I pretend to be asleep on my back and roll into the bright square so it won’t distract her from giving me love and attention any longer. Do you think she knows I’m faking the snoozles? Probably not; I’m good at pretending.

My favorite part of the day is when the best friend sings songs about me. The greatest one goes like this, “Yeah Ralph wants to dance with somebody, Ralph wants to feel the heat with somebody. Yeaaaah Ralph wants to dance with somebody, with somebody who loves Ralph.” She is right, I love do love to wiggle! Gosh, I love being back with best friend.


Jax, friend of Katelyn Holbrook, SVP + Managing Director: I have been a busy guy with my family home, working around the clock. While my parents are busy with business during the day, I help guard my three little sisters – especially when the Amazon delivery people and mailman come (even though my parents tell me to be quiet, my big barks work: every day I successfully scare them away!). While it has been a major disruption to my typical nap schedule, I enjoy playing the game with mom where she tries to mute her Zoom meeting before I bark and when she takes us all on walks around the neighborhood to keep us all entertained during calls with coworkers.


Sally, friend of Kristen Leathers, VP: Life for me has been pretty dull the past few weeks. I’ve been getting more walks than usual so I’m ready to show off my summer body to my friends at the office. Otherwise, I just nap while mom works. Sometimes she does out-of-character things like cook and knit – that made me LOL. But mostly, lots of vegging out and trying to chase squirrels when I can.


Chewy, friend of Rachel Levy, Senior Account Executive: I am the new pup on the block, so I don’t know a world without this whole quarantine thing. Ever since my new family brought me home in March, I have had nothing but love and attention 24/7. However, I don’t get to see much of anyone else! I swear I am a friendly guy but when I go on walks around the neighborhood, no one will say “hi” or pet me! Do I smell bad or something? Also, when I go to this scary place called “the vet,” a person with a mask takes me away, pokes me a bunch and brings me back to Mom. They won’t even let her come inside to hold my paw! But I hear all of this will be over soon and we can go to the park and I can show off all my new tricks at this magical place called “puppy daycare.” I am not sure what it is, but I hope it means more attention! On a more pawsitive note, my sister has been teaching me a lot about PR and I think this would be a great opportunity to promote my Instagram, @chewy_theshih-tzu. Send me a follow and I promise chew won’t be disappointed!  


April 23, 2020


By Philip Nealon


V2 Culture