Calling All Creatives – Why Different Types of Creativity Produce Better Results

Nowadays, it seems as though there is a quiz for every occasion. From finding out your Myers-Briggs personality to what type of cheese you are, there is always a quiz out there for you. For PR pros, though, some of these are more beneficial than others. Recently, the folks at Adobe launched a new quiz called My Creative Type – and V2 jumped all over it.

My Creative Type asks users to answer 15 interactive multiple choice questions, all of which are based in psychology research, with the goal of evaluating their basic habits and tendencies – how they think, act and see the world – boiling them down to one of the eight creative types. Adobe notes that the results should be thought of as suggestions for how users can achieve their full creative potential.

As an agency, we each took the quiz to see what the test would reveal. Results started coming in, and the most creative types we saw were:

  • The Dreamer: Those of us that got this result connect more easily to emotions and imagination, empathy and sensitivity and use this connection to fuel real-world action. Dreamers are classic idealists, infusing their work with ideas from their mental landscapes.
  • The Innovator: It comes as no surprise that the Innovator’s creative strength is that of generating new ideas and original solutions. These creative types view the world through the lens of possibilities and progress, problems and resolutions.
  • The Adventurer: The V2ers who land in the Adventurer camp possess high levels of creative energy, curiosity and play. Adventurers are easily inspired and follow their inspirations wherever they lead.

As an agency, we’re consistently brainstorming and bouncing ideas off one another. By blending the strengths of the different creative types together, we’re able to promote greater collaboration between teams and across the agency as a whole.

Combining our creative differences and strengths make a difference for our clients, too. When thinking of proactive campaigns to implement, content assets to draft and social media posts to share, we’re able to spur great ideas that lead to tangible, winning results. Our creative juices also start flowing when we see an interesting story on the news, in the newspaper or online. The more that we can make connections to what’s happening in the business and tech space to what our clients have to say, the faster we can jump onto newsjacking opportunities and secure more wins.

At an agency, creativity is a big component that plays a role in a multitude of campaigns on which we’re working. Tests, like the one from Adobe, help point us in the right direction for how we can maximize our creative talent and how we can best collaborate to produce results that move our clients’ businesses forward.

Interested in finding out your creative type? Take the quiz here and let us know the result below.


May 24, 2019


By Erin Cooper


Professional Development