Celebrating V2ers’ Contributions this Labor Day

Labor Day. It’s not just a day off from work and the sad mark of summer’s conclusion, but a day to reflect on our greatest achievements at work.

At V2, we work hard year-round to do the best for the agency and our clients. And we are certainly rewarded for it. From perks like free lunches and breakfast, weekly work-from-home days, Red Sox games and Summer Fridays, to benefits like generous vacation time and phone and gym reimbursements, our contributions and hard work don’t go unnoticed.

As we approach Labor Day this year, we’re celebrating the contributions we’ve made to the agency and our clients that we are extremely proud of. Here’s what V2ers are reflecting on:

“A contribution that really stands out to me is a recent story in The Boston Globe for Horizons for Homeless Children where we were able to put all the right pieces together for a great feature on the organization that was on the front page of the Metro section on front and center on the Globe’s website. Aside from great client hits, something I love about V2 is the chance to be a resource for teammates, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to mentor and provide advice to fellow V2’ers—we’re all in it together.” – Jill Saftel

“I’m most proud of all the contributions I’m able to make at V2 and our clients…while also raising three kids. It can be crazy at times, but I know many women before me didn’t have the opportunity and I’m so fortunate to be able to love—and be challenged by—both of my roles as PR pro and parent (which, surprisingly, require a lot of the same skills!).” – Katelyn Holbrook

“I’m proud to be a resource for clients and fellow V2ers with all things social, from answering questions on social media best practices to leading daily, weekly and monthly social media programs.” – Brian Hough

“When people ask me about my day-to-day at V2, I never hesitate to mention UiPath as one of the clients that makes me excited to head into the office each day. I’m really proud to be part of our agency’s UiPath team – our work around their recent funding rounds (and beyond) has presented the opportunity to learn quickly while promoting a red-hot technology brand.” – Liam Sullivan

“I’ve enjoyed my role in evolving what PR entails at V2–merging the worlds of media and content, and seeing clients reap the benefits.” – Jordan Stanley

“I’m really proud of my work as an account leader. Good teamwork is critical to our agency’s—and our clients’—success, so getting everyone excited about the challenges ahead and making sure they have what they need to really shine is one of the most important, and rewarding, parts of my job.” – Jenna Gilligan

“I haven’t been at V2 for very long, but I’ve always kind of seen myself as a utility player. I’m proud of my ability to jump in and help out wherever I can and hopefully get some smiles and laughs out of people in the process. The fast-paced environment of PR can be stressful, and if I see that in someone, I try to jump in and have their back in hopes that someone would do the same for me. It’s much more rewarding that way.” – Jason Mitrano

“I’m proud of working with some of V2’s finest to overhaul the annual review process to a more current quarterly cycle.” – Jen Plimpton

“I’m proud of the various ways I’ve been able to apply my aggressive passion to bring in results for V2. From niche new business pitches to everyday media outreach, it’s wonderful to have the platform to harness my drive and bring success to the agency.” – Shannon Casey

“I’m proud of being a part of the marketing team and helping to build it out into a true account. It’s been really rewarding to work on something beyond the typical PR role and to raise the visibility of an awesome company and its work!” – Megan Nealon

So, as we head into the long weekend, ask yourself what contributions you’re most proud of and reward yourself with a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


August 28, 2019


By Allison Webster


V2 Culture