In Love with Tech PR: Why This is the Best Industry to Start Your Comms Career

The year was 2015 and I was just a fresh-faced college grad looking for a full-time marketing gig when I found Version 2.0. Admittedly, I had little (okay, honestly, zero) experience in tech PR, but based on what I knew about the field and what Version 2.0 had to offer, I decided to give it a shot.

Fast forward three and a half years later, and I can confidently say that this has been the best industry to kickstart my communications career. And what better time to reflect on what I love about tech PR than Valentine’s Day?

If you’re approaching college graduation, considering a career change or just interested in PR, then look no further. Here’s why this is the best industry for up-and-coming communications professionals:

  • You’ll become an expert on tons of compelling, top-of-mind trends, like AI and automation, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, data science and more. With clients in the tech industry, staying on top of issues impacting how we work, live and communicate is part of the job description – and a really fun part, too! You’ll start to find connections to your clients’ work on a daily basis and be able to flex your creative muscles to insert those clients into the conversation. Not only will this make you a better communications pro, but you’ll also be a blast at social gatherings! (Who doesn’t debate the implications of data regulations at parties? Just me?)


  • Your writing skills will become next-level impressive. Learning about complex issues is one bonus of tech PR, but being able to digest those issues, relate them back to your client and then turn that connection into an eye-catching pitch is the real reward. From crafting emails to reporters, to drafting bylines on behalf of your clients, and even creating surveys that dive deeper into the trends impacting your clients’ industries – being a tech PR pro guarantees your writing becomes top-notch.


  • You’ll cultivate relationships with some of the most coveted publications in the business. Working with tech companies often means targeting the highest-tier business and technology outlets out there, which means you get to constantly interact with reporters who are driving the conversations around top trends. Meeting with these reporters on a regular basis makes you smarter and more targeted about your outreach, and helps you drive amazing client results.


  • And last, but certainly not least, you’ll get to work with some of the coolest, most innovative companies in the world! Being in tech PR means your clients are competitive, and they look to you, the PR pro, to give them the edge they need to be positioned as a disruptive brand. To do this, you’ll get to collaborate with the brilliant minds behind the tech, dive deep into their expertise, encourage them to think outside the box and celebrate their (and the team’s!) success. You’ll be challenged in the best way possible, and I can promise there will never be a dull moment.

Sound like a good fit? Then while you’re here, visit our careers page – maybe it’s time you took the tech PR plunge.

Or, if my love letter to tech PR wasn’t enough to convince you, then drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you more about why this industry is the best.



(P.S. In honor of Valentine’s Day, check out this machine learning-based relationship quiz our client DataRobot created. I did say we work with some of the coolest companies out there, didn’t I?)


February 14, 2019


By Nicole Metro


Professional Development, Tech PR