Making Healthcare Accessible for All

Today, V2 is proud to sponsor A Round for Wellness, an annual golf tournament hosted by the WellSky Foundation to support organizations that address socioeconomic barriers to health including housing, food insecurity, transportation and isolation. With reports citing that social determinants of health (SDOH) account for 30-55% of health outcomes, finding ways to democratize care is one of the most critical issues facing the healthcare industry, and the world, today.

Fortunately, some of the most innovative companies and most brilliant minds are working hard to make healthcare more accessible for all. And V2 is honored to partner with these organizations to promote technologies and services that make care equitable. For instance,

  • WellSky, the parent company of V2 client CarePort, provides a care coordination platform that ensures patients are discharged to the appropriate setting, with the appropriate resources to recover. The company’s platform can identify social needs of patients and coordinate care through a network of community-based partners, to ensure patients have access to critical services like meal delivery and transportation.
  • Current Health, a Best Buy company, offers a care-at-home platform that allows patients to receive care in their own homes, eliminating the need for transportation to and from the hospital. While this platform is a game-changer for those in rural areas and without easy access to transportation, Current Health recognizes that home-based care – which generally requires digital tools and Internet connectivity – could present challenges for others. That’s why the company provides in-home connectivity and tablets for patients who need them, as well as real-time support from a dedicated team of multilingual registered nurses and technical associates.
  • DirectPath guides employees to make better health care decisions with individualized education for selecting the right benefits plan, expert assistance in helping employees make informed care choices and rewards for sensible financial decisions. With healthcare costs being the top cause of bankruptcy for American families, DirectPath empowers people to make informed, cost-conscious choices about their care.
  • Exo is on a mission to make ultrasound accessible everywhere. By making ultrasound devices smaller, more intuitive and less expensive, the company aims to scale this technology – empowering more physicians across care environments to capture and interpret medical images and ultimately drive faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatment for all.
  • Nuance provides AI-powered intelligent technology that helps simplify patient experiences and enhance patient satisfaction. This technology proved particularly valuable in early 2021, when the company partnered with Walgreens to create an intelligent conversational voicebot that could answer COVID-19 questions, confirm vaccine eligibility and schedule vaccine appointments for both English- and Spanish-speaking customers. Through multilingual content and education, Nuance helped ensure that everyone, regardless of background, could access the resources needed to protect themselves and their families during the pandemic.

By addressing socioeconomic barriers to care, we can help ensure that every person has access to the treatment and services they need. For more, check out V2’s work with the companies listed above. If you’re interested in donating to the WellSky Foundation, please visit



May 16, 2022


By Kristen Leathers


Event, Health Tech, V2 Partners