V2, A Great Place to Grow

V2 has a lot to offer our employees, and that’s exemplified by the lengthy tenure of most V2 staffers. As we survey our staff and gather feedback from new recruits who have gone through our interview process, we often hear that our culture and commitment to employee health, growth and development is a key differentiator for our agency and a reason why people love working at V2.

As the world of work is changing, we’re changing with it, coupling some of the best practices we’ve maintained since V2’s start with new perks that have become cornerstones of the modern “office.”

I say “office” with quotes because, like many other organizations, V2 supports work-from-anywhere—whether your office is at our South End headquarters, your apartment in the city, or in another part of the country. As a hybrid workforce, employees can choose where they’re most comfortable working, and it enables us to hire the best and brightest, no matter where they sit. As we evolve in this way, we continue to foster a strong culture, build and strengthen relationships with colleagues, offer benefits that meet everyone’s needs and provide professional development and mentorship opportunities.

V2 is not only a great place to work; it is a great place to grow your career. Here’s why:

Fostering Culture & Strengthening Relationships

We believe that the key to success is our employees—the backbone of any services-based business—and we work diligently to ensure our staff is happy, engaged and challenged. To foster this, we live and breathe collaboration, community, transparency and realness. As an agency, we work as teams: we own our successes and missteps, jump in to help each other, and work together toward common goals. The more teams work together, the more they can achieve for their clients and create a culture of mutual respect, professionalism and friendship. As we are all distributed this is most often seen day-to-day through our Teams Channels, where colleagues can collaborate on work, talk about the latest TV show their binging or share pictures of their new puppy.

Focusing on Mental & Physical Wellness

We know employee experience matters to hire and retain the best and brightest in the industry. We offer V2ers various benefits to support their physical and mental wellbeing both during and after work hours, such as:

  • Generous 3+ weeks of PTO, in addition to noon close for Summer Fridays, a day off for your birthday, and a flexible work week around the December holidays
  • Unlimited sick and mental health days
  • Gym club/wellness membership reimbursements and a membership to Headspace
  • Regular meal subsidies to treat staff to new restaurants
  • Employee referral and new business bonuses


Growing Employees in Their Careers

A unique aspect of V2 and a point of pride for us is the lengthy tenure of our staff. We believe an agency should not be a pit stop in your career, but a place where you can develop and thrive. Many of our management team members have been with us since the start of their careers and are a living testament to the partnership and support V2 provides individuals to help them continually assess and achieve their career goals.

We strongly believe in the importance of professional guidance and mentorship so staff at all levels have opportunities to grow. Employees have ample learning opportunities and resources available to support this—from in-person and virtual sessions covering a range of topics such as emotional intelligence, presentation training, media relations best practices and courses on relevant business topics like SPACs and the Private Equity landscape. And if an employee wants to learn a new skill or reach up, managers always provide them with that opportunity.

Mentorship goes beyond professional training: it enhances all aspects of an employee’s identity, making sure they are strong, well-rounded communications counselors. Through our Mentorship Program, each employee is assigned a mentor, and the two meet as often as they want to discuss opportunities for career growth.

If you’re interested in joining V2, please visit our careers page for current openings.


October 12, 2021


By Jean Serra


V2 Culture