V2 Tips for Staying Sane While Staying Home

With governments across the globe mandating most businesses temporarily close their doors for the health and safety of the public, it has become imperative for companies – V2 included – to move operations online in an effort to stay on the ball until the pandemic subsides. So, in the meantime, we’re trying our best to uphold our social agency atmosphere from a distance (which includes moving our weekly team meeting to Zoom), but even so, we can’t help but feel a little stir-crazy as the WFH period stretches on.

With the notion of a regular day in the office seeming like a distant dream at the moment, we’re adapting our workstyles to assure productivity and sanity in equal measure, and thankfully with V2ers, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to combatting cabin fever.


Here are some of the ways our employees are staying sane while staying home.


“One of my favorite things to do outside of work is to play pick-up hoops and with basketball off the table, for the time being, I’ve been laying out on the floor and practicing my shooting motion here at home. For my mental health, I’ve found puzzles to be really helpful, too!” – Liam Sullivan

“When I feel like it’s time for a change of scenery, I go into my apartment’s living room to ponder my roommate’s extensive, animal-centric art collection, which helps me realize working from my bedroom isn’t so bad after all.” – Courtney Garvey

“I have my workspace set up away from the Kitchen (the “Café”). We have breakfast open from the WFH Café and announce what is available for breakfast and lunch (yesterday the “WFH Café” offered warm blueberry scones – they are killing the food game these days). The family room is the “Lounge” and always has all the media (newspapers and TV on – so no one can say “turn it down”) and the kitchen table is the conference room if people want to reserve it – practically a Google setup. Just need to find some nap pods! At 5:30 p.m. we convert back to the standard-issue chaos of our regular household.” – Tricia Williams

“I’ve been using household items to rework/tie-dye old garments I don’t wear anymore. It’s a nice creative outlet, a facelift for my closet and a sustainable way to get the most life out of our clothes before sending them to the landfill.” – Jordan Stanley

“I’ve been watching a lot of makeup tutorials, especially from Chloe Morello’s channel. I find them to be relaxing, and it gives me good inspiration to play around with some different looks I might not normally try.” – Erin Cooper

“When I’m not working, to keep busy at home I’m starting to learn Spanish. Unfortunately, my trip to Spain in a few months is likely going to be canceled, but that won’t stop me from taking virtual classes every Monday night to learn the language. Plus, it’s been nice to meet new people through the class and outside my work and home life in the time of social distancing!” – Alli Webster

“I’ve taken up knitting. Not very far along, but I’ll share photos if it looks at all like something resembling a scarf in the weeks to come.” – Kristen Leathers

“Since there are no sports at the moment, I’ve been watching marble races on YouTube. The “Marbula One” season is well underway, and it’s anyone’s competition. Go Green Ducks!” – Jason Mitrano

“I’ve been taking a picture each working day of Colby and me at our workstations. I love looking back at old pictures and think in a few months/years when this is all a memory I’ll enjoy seeing how we dealt with everything. For now, they kind of act as a mood journal.” – Victoria Newell

“To stay sane while cooped up at my parents’ house, my sister and I have been testing out new recipes like this curry recipe from the New York Times (luckily all of the ingredients were in stock on Instacart!). I’ve also been binge-watching Handmaid’s Tale, digging out old arts and crafts from the basement, and running around my childhood neighborhood like I’m 15 again.” – Shannon Casey

“I limit myself to only one cup of coffee a day because when I’m home I tend to drink A LOT more coffee than I do if I were at the office and by 3 p.m. I crash and feel like I need a nap. By sticking to one cup, I’m definitely drinking more water, which helps me focus more and stay alert (plus, you know, health benefits).” – Amanda Maguire

“My husband & I are in the middle of a 3-day scrabble game where we just play our turns as a brain break!” – Ashley Beine

“For social distancing, we’ve been playing Monopoly on PS4 with a bunch of other couples. We basically have a league now. Also trying to get my hands on a 1,000 piece puzzle but they’re sold out everywhere!” – Megan Nealon

“I’m trying to wear jeans every day. It’s small, but it makes me feel like I’m getting dressed and ready work despite not actually leaving my house. Small way to trick my brain! We’re also going for long walks every day with our pup Reggie to get fresh air.” – Nicole Metro

“I’ve been adjusting to the new WFH life with the goal of wearing jeans once a week in order to feel more put together. It has yet to happen, but I really think this is my week!” – Caroline Shamon

“Most people don’t know I’m an avid birder. This is migration season on Martha’s Vineyard and I’ve been very grateful to have the distraction of observing some cool species while practicing social distancing. I especially love the baby Downy Woodpecker who is so little he can squeeze between the wires on the feeder. He comes several times a day, every day. I love seeing him!” – Maura FitzGerald

“My husband and I have made up an imaginary housemate/colleague that we blame things on – like if we forget to do something or we don’t do something straight away. Her name is Britney and she’s super lazy, she tends to not do the dishes when she needs to and leaves our clothes on the floor instead of putting them in the hamper. Keeps things light and saves arguing about trivial household chores!” – Ellen Miles

“We’ve all left dishes in the sink overnight—and we’re definitely guilty of that in my house. Now that we’re working from home, we make an effort to empty the sink before bed. It makes a big difference starting the day in a clean kitchen!” – Jenna Gilligan

“My Dad and I decided to repaint some of the rooms throughout the house, and we quickly realized last night after diving into our first coat of “Naval Blue” that we are literally, watching paint dry.” – Meaghan Birnie

“After each client deliverable, I try to do a quick 10-20 push-ups! That way it’s easy to stay exercising throughout the day (or at least part of the day).” – Brian Hough



March 26, 2020


By Courtney Garvey


V2 Culture