Video: Adapting Presentation & Media Skills for a Virtual World

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Seemingly overnight, we all went from in-person meetings and phone conversations to operating over Zoom and other video platforms. Even top-tier news organizations began to broadcast with anchors remote and guests joining from their laptops instead of via satellite studio feeds. While many have enjoyed getting a glimpse into executives’ and news anchors’ homes, or the occasional visit from a co-worker’s cute kid or pet, the novelty is wearing off and the bar is being raised for what audiences are willing to engage with. The onus is on the speaker—be it a broadcast guest or internal meeting leader–to ensure their messages still resonate regardless of the channel.

As part of our ongoing efforts and offerings to move clients forward amid disruption, V2 co-founder and partner Jean Serra recently sat down with our media and presentation specialist Elise Simard to discuss best practices and tips for engaging audiences and effectively communicating in the current virtual environment.


June 24, 2020


By Katelyn Holbrook


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