Why it’s a Great Time to be Working in Climate Tech

These days, climate change is a hot-button topic, and it’s difficult not to care about our impact on the planet. However, rather than allowing the existential dread of how and when global warming is radically reshaping our world, the team at V2 has channeled those emotions into our work – especially with our climate tech program.


It is an exciting time to work in the climate tech field, an industry working to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, remove emissions from the atmosphere and enable adaptation to altered climate. The last year has brought energy pricing and security to the forefront for consumers with a clear argument for why there are short-term cost savings and long-term benefits to moving away from fossil fuels.


The momentum in the market is undeniable. According to PwC, climate tech startups made up more than a quarter of total VC investments over the first three quarters of 2022—a notable clip during an otherwise turbulent economic climate. It’s only poised to continue, with PitchBook estimating that the climate tech sector will become a $1.4 trillion market, a compound annual growth rate of 8.8% for the space.


The shared global vision with governmental buy-in for Net Zero—the global goal of achieving close to zero greenhouse emissions by 2050—has created an opportunistic market for climate tech startups with lofty and honorable aspirations to make a splash. That doesn’t mean they don’t face challenges – the war for science and engineering talent is fierce, and scaling and differentiating technology in an increasingly crowded market can be daunting. These challenges crystallize that formulated and strategic communications plans are critical for climate tech businesses at all stages.  


The Role of a PR Professional in the Climate Tech Space


As a communications professional, it’s an energizing time to work with these dynamic companies and tell their stories. Not only do we work with climate tech clients to connect them with influential journalists covering the space, but we are also working to establish broader brand awareness and credibility for the tech and solutions that will get us to Net Zero.


Through social climates and movements, like the Great Resignation, millennials and Gen Zers have openly demonstrated the importance of aligning their careers with mission-driven work. Working to expose climate tech organizations and leaders innovating to protect the environment with the right media drivers to gain traction and evoke change doesn’t get any more purposeful and fulfilling.


It has personally been a rewarding experience to help our V2 climate tech clients. I don’t have a background in science and technology, and aside from climate-conscious decisions in my personal life, my role in fighting climate change would otherwise be nonexistent. Instead, I can put my storytelling and media chops to work and help enable our clients’ talented business leaders and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best.


If you’re interested in joining V2 to help our clients succeed in such a critical mission, visit our career page.


February 8, 2023


By Liam Sullivan


Clean Tech