Why We Were “Nuts” about this Year’s Super Bowl Ads

Every year, millions of Americans huddle around their televisions to tune in for The Super Bowl, the biggest night in sports. While the Patriots fans here at V2’s Boston office were fortunate enough to watch their team play in, and win, the big game last night, we were almost as focused on the commercial breaks between the on-field action.

With brands jockeying for the chance to win America’s attention, making a big splash and resonating with audiences couldn’t be more important. This year during the Super Bowl LIII broadcast, one ad stood out to me in particular, for a few reasons: Planters’ Mr. Peanut is Always There in Crunch Time commercial.

Before joining Version 2.0, I spent the first year after graduating college traveling the salty streets of the United States in the Planters NUTmobile, Mr. Peanut’s 26-foot peanut on wheels.

Each year, a new class of college graduates is hired to drive the iconic NUTmobile, the nuttiest ride out there. I was lucky enough to travel to 33 states and 55 cities as a brand spokesperson and “Peanutter,” working as part of a mobile PR agency, executing countless marketing events and making Planters fans everywhere smile with a truly unique brand experience (and free peanuts, of course).

Last night’s Super Bowl commercial gave me an instant flashback to my time on the road—but my personal affinity for the NUTmobile aside, it’s hard to miss the parallels between the ad and my work at Version 2.0:

  • Just like Mr. Peanut is there for his fans during Crunch Time, V2ers deliver what our clients need, even when things get a little “nuts.” We stay calm, cool, and collected under pressure. Whether it’s driving a giant legume down the salty streets or nimbly executing issues response for our clients—V2ers don’t let Crunch Time change our attention to detail or affect the quality of our work.
  • Just like the highly-competitive commercials playing throughout the big game, the “infi-nut” noise generated by marketing buzzwords and recycled messaging can be overwhelming. V2 knows that thinking outside the box and developing creative ideas are essential to fueling effective, standout PR campaigns—and we make a point to set the bar for our clients when it comes to original ideas and inventive content.
  • At V2, it’s important to know how to have a “shell” of a good time. Building connections with clients, the press and co-workers can make all the difference in fostering a healthy, collaborative and successful working environment.

I get to apply what I learned on the NUTmobile almost every day here at Version 2.0, helping drive real results for our clients in the world of PR. And thanks to our fellow marketers out there, no matter whose team wins the Super Bowl, at least we all get to enjoy the commercials. That said, to all our New England-based friends and clients, go Patriots!


February 4, 2019


By Liam Sullivan


Tech PR