Current Health offers a remote care management platform that enables medical professionals to provide higher-quality care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. The Current Health solution aggregates patient health data and empowers healthcare organizations to deliver personalized care services based on that information. The benefits of this model are myriad: better patient experiences and outcomes, more efficient system operations, and reduced cost of care overall.

The Scottish company approached V2 Communications in late 2019 for support improving brand awareness in the United States and broadcasting its vision of delivering better care at scale. V2 created a multi-pronged strategy based on the following program objectives:

  • Trumpet Current Health’s vision of improving patient outcomes and driving efficiencies at scale via home-based care
  • Establish Current Health’s platform as the path for achieving this vision
  • Build brand awareness by showcasing the company’s momentum and ability to execute its vision

Broadcasting Current Health’s Vision

To disseminate Current Health’s transformational healthcare vision, V2 emphasized the company’s thought leadership by securing bylines about the shift to home-based care in outlets read by key audiences, including Forbes, Health IT Answers and MedCity News.

The team also collaborated with influencers on contributed content opportunities, like this FierceHealthcare Q&A with Eric Topol, renowned cardiologist, scientist and author.

Highlighting Current Health as the Path to Better Care

To establish Current Health as the path to achieving better patient experiences and outcomes, while simultaneously driving efficiencies for providers and pharmaceutical companies, V2 relied on partners and customer champions who could speak to the value of the company’s remote care management platform. For instance, V2 conducted a campaign on how a Ugandan hospital was using Current Health to reduce maternal mortality rates post-partum and yielded features in CNBC and Reuters.

This strategy of enlisting support from third-party champions became especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, when providers frantically sought support from tools that could address bandwidth constraints (e.g., bed shortages, overworked physicians) without compromising patient care.

V2 highlighted how forward-thinking Current Health customers were using its solution to monitor patients at home to reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19 and ensure in-hospital resources were available for those requiring critical care or in-person intervention. These efforts resulted in high-impact stories in WSJ, STAT, and Cheddar.

Building Brand Buzz

In addition to promoting Current Health’s vision and powerful technology, V2 issued a steady cadence of news campaigns to underscore its growth and momentum. The rolling thunder of releases helped capture confidence in, and excitement for, Current Health From various stakeholders in the market, including customers, investors, and partners.

The V2 team also secured profiles on Current Health’s Co-Founder and CEO, Chris McCann, in outlets like Managed Healthcare Executive and pursued awards that would shine a light on Current Health’s disruptive nature. This effort resulted in Current Health being recognized in the “Health” category of Fast Company’s 2021 World Change Ideas program.

V2 and Current Health continue to partner today to draw attention to the company’s remote care management platform. Thanks to V2’s strategic communications expertise, Current Health is quickly evolving from startup to market disruptor.