eBook: Bold Media Strategies, Better Brand Outcomes

Media relations has always been the cornerstone of an effective communications program and a primary vehicle for brands to build awareness and credibility. For early-stage start ups, media engagement is pivotal for generating buzz and excitement around an up-and-coming brand.

However, as a business brand matures, so too must its media programs and communications strategy. That is why V2 created a Guide to Media Programs that Create Long-Term Brand Value eBook. In it, we equip tech startups with the knowledge and resources to successfully navigate the evolution of their media relations program—from chasing quick media wins, to establishing their brand as an admired industry leader through high-impact, message-rich coverage that maps back to their business goals.

We’ve combined many of V2’s PR best practices from our work with our clients and put them in an easy-to-digest eBook, outlining the why’s and how’s of building an evolving media program that grows with your brand. Read it here