Report: Roadmap for Navigating the Media Landscape, Fall 2020 Edition

When news of COVID-19’s presence in the U.S. broke in March, we released the report Roadmap for Navigating the Media Landscape During COVID-19, Spring Edition to help businesses devise impactful communications in a world turned upside down seemingly overnight. But while the coronavirus thoroughly shook our worlds—the personal as well as the professional—that wasn’t all 2020 had in store for us in terms of historic, societally altering moments.

Six months later, in the shadow of sweeping calls for racial justice, a halted economy and ravaging wildfires and in the midst of a tough campaign for the U.S. presidency, it appears another momentous news story breaks every day. So how can organizations traverse a media landscape that feels so chaotic and unfamiliar?

Because so many aspects of life have changed—and continue to change further—since the release of our first media report, strategies that succeeded initially might not be hitting the mark anymore. To address this, we’ve published a second edition of our report, which pinpoints current media challenges and offers advice on how to overcome them.

You can download the report here: Roadmap for Navigating the Media Landscape Fall 2020 Edition.

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