Report: V2 2023 State of Sponsored Content

Today’s market requires communications programs to evolve. While high-impact earned media results remain critical for many brands, there is a marked shift toward strategic communications programs that incorporate owned and paid media into the mix to help brands stand out.  

This shift has been particularly noticeable in the demand for sponsored content programs. What was once frowned upon as “pay for play” is now being embraced as an effective, highly measurable, and relatively affordable part of the communication mix. But as we increasingly consider sponsored content channels, we also wanted to understand how audiences are adapting and responding: What are their perceptions? How are they engaging with this content? Is it as useful for B2B brands as B2C? 

Receptive, Responsive & Real: The V2 2023 State of Sponsored Content Report launched today. Based on a survey of more than 1,000 consumers conducted with our partner Researchscape, the report unlocks new insights into the most effective forms of sponsored content. Findings include:  

  • More than a quarter of consumers agree they find value in sponsored content when they are interested in learning more about a particular subject, issue or trend (26%) 
  • Consumers looking to learn more about a specific product or service for professional use are most likely to engage with sponsored podcasts (30%) and articles (27%)
  • 17% of consumers were compelled to subscribe to a brand’s email list, while others subscribed to receive more content (14%) or become part of a brand’s print/direct mailing list (8%)

Download the full report here: 2023 State of Sponsored Content Survey Report