Bold Media Strategies, Better Brand Outcomes: A look into V2’s new media relations eBook

Media relations has always been the cornerstone of effective communications programs and a primary vehicle for brands to build awareness and credibility. However, the strategies that work well for an early-stage startup are not the same ones that a later-stage company should employ.

As a brand matures, its communications program must follow suit, evolving to encompass new themes and tactics that will continue to reach core audiences while building awareness and credibility in the market. Becoming an admired brand means having a sustained media engine that can deliver on the high-impact, message-rich wins that map back to business performance. But how can startups set their media programs up for long-term success? And how can they create more mature, holistic communications strategies as they become more established brands? V2 answers both of those questions–and more– in our new eBook, “Bold Media Strategies, Better Brand Outcomes: V2’s Guide to Media Programs That Create Long-term Brand Value.”

Drawing on V2’s history of creating and driving communications programs that make brands “stick,” this eBook provides a foundation for marketing and communications leaders to develop and mature their media relations strategies. Within you’ll find guidance on how to evolve media programs to support business growth, as well as examples of the strategies behind successful brands. 

If you want guidance on what should be in your company’s Media Relations Toolkit or perspective on the value of evolving your communications engine–supported by content, social media, and speaking and awards–download a copy of our eBook today.  




November 7, 2022


By Nicole Metro


Corporate Communications, Media Relations