Happy National Puppy Day from V2!

While we can’t all be together in V2’s dog-friendly office on this National Puppy Daywe thought we’d celebrate by introducing all the new puppies who’ve joined our team over the past year (and give an update on how the original V2 pups are doing). Keep on reading to catch up with our favorite furry friends! 

Meet who’s new at V2

Cobo, friend of Ellen Miles, Account Executive 

Fun Fact: His favorite snack is a Kong filled with pumpkin puree, peanut butter and carrot chunks – sounds gross but he LOVES it! 

Jonesy, friend of Erin Cooper, Account Executive 

Favorite COVID-19 activity: His favorite quarantine activity is going for walks along the water, including going down onto docks for an up close and personal look at the ducks. 

Winnie, friend of Caroline Shamon, Assistant Account Executive 

Fun Fact: Winnie is 5 months old and 15 pounds of fluff. She loves peanut butter, playing fetch, napping and barking at her own reflection.

Luna, friend of Steph Simon, Account Coordinator 

Fun Fact: Luna loves playing with her friends at puppy daycare—she’s even received an A+ on her report card for being “very sweet and inclusive to all the other puppies one day at the park.” 

Catch up with our agency all stars 

Nina, friend of Jean Serra, Co-founder & Partner 

Favorite COVID-19 activity: Walks, walks and more walks in the woods.  

Milou and Jacky, friend of Maura FitzGerald, Co-founder & Partner 


Favorite COVID-19 activity: Milou has been building his tennis ball collection during quarantine and Jacky has been Zooming from his home office every day! 

Sally, friend of Kristen Leathers, Vice President 

Favorite COVID-19 activity: One of her favorite COVID-19 activities is to lie and stare at me while I work.

Ralph, friend of Meaghan Birnie, Assistant Account Executive 

Fun Fact: Ralph is about to officially make his long anticipated, big move to Boston and Cape Cod! Watch out MA, Ralph’s coming to town!

Happy National Puppy Day to all the dog lovers and owners out there—let us celebrate the unconditional love and affection that these puppies bring to our lives 


March 23, 2021


By Steph Simon


V2 Culture