Meet Ann Laporte, V2’s HR Strategist 

By now, you’ve probably heard that V2 is growing—and quickly! We’ve increased our headcount by 11% this year, and climbed the ranks of BBJ’s Largest Public Relations Firms in Massachusetts list. To help support our prolific growth, we’ve added an HR Strategist, Ann Laporte, to our team to manage not only the full funnel of the hiring processbut also essential HR activities such as employee benefits and performance. Get to know her below! 

Q: How many years have you worked in the HR space? What’s your favorite part of the field?  

A: Ive been in HR since the mid80s and have been working with V2 for the past eight or nine years part-time. I’ve actually tried to retire three times now, but the people keep bringing me backthey’re my favorite part. At the end of the day, this job is all about being able to make a difference and being part of a company that cares about and values its people.  

Q: What fueled the decision to expand your role at V2? 

A: After talking with [V2 founders] Maura and Jean, we came to the conclusion that, given V2’s growth, we could use support with general HR activities, such as the benefits program, performance management, coaching and, of course, staffing. 

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your new role at V2, and how it differs from how you’ve been a part of the team in the past? 

A: In the past, my role was focused specifically on staffing. Now, Im Jenthe COO’s, right-hand personOverall, my role has expanded to cover a broader swath of HR responsibilities.  

Q: What’s been the experience of hiring in 2020? 

A: Whereas I’ve worked remotely for many years now (so this experience isn’t entirely new for me), V2 is very office centricAt the startthere was the fear of how we were going to interview candidates without meeting them facetoface, but we’ve been able to get to know people even through a screen. From an organizational standpoint, its awesome how seamlessly V2 has been able to pivot. 

Q: What’s one thing applicants should know about V2 if they want to work here? 

A: V2 is comprised of intelligent, bright and dedicated people who are always wanting to learn and grow. It has a fantastic office culture with an incomparable work ethic.  

V2 takes pride in our hiring process, and we’re always looking for new teammates! If you are interested in joining our team, check out our careers page.  


November 12, 2020


By Steph Simon


V2 Culture