The Next Era Begins at V2

Big ideas. Bold moves. Better outcomes.

That is the commitment V2 Co-Founder Maura FitzGerald and I made when we started the agency together in 2007. Our goal was two-fold: 1) to be the best communications partner to our clients: delivering exceptional results, a high quality of service and innovative thinking to our programs; and 2) to be the employer of choice for talented communications professionals eager to learn and grow their careers while working with interesting clients on exciting programs.

While our dedication to achieving these goals has remained consistent, we have seen considerable change in the market over the last 15 years. From Web 2.0 and the early days of SaaS, to mobile, AI and machine learning, we are privileged to help bring to market emerging technologies that fast become the foundation for how we work and live. Our healthcare teams are inspired by our clients’ devices and platforms that are improving patient outcomes and transforming how care is delivered. And our clean energy group is dedicated to showcasing the powerful tools and technologies from our clients that will foster a more stable and sustainable planet.

We have also navigated tremendous change in the communications landscape, with the growth of social channels, shrinking traditional newsrooms and an emerging importance of influencers and “owned” media. As a communications firm, we have constantly evolved our skills and services to help clients navigate these major “moments” in technology, communications and the world at large.

Today—amid the emergence of Web 3.0, mounting demand for clean tech to solve the globe’s most pressing issues, and health innovation still in a necessary spotlight—V2 is evolving in a notable way: I will assume the role of Co-Founder and CEO as Maura steps away to carve out time for other professional pursuits.

Maura has been a tremendous partner, colleague and communications professional. In our decade and a half leading V2, we have grown from a kitchen table with a couple of trusted clients to a “best kept secret” in tech PR, to a nationally recognized communications partner and employer. We have diversified our client base, expanding from our B2B tech roots into clean energy and healthcare; elevated and expanded our client portfolio, attracting blue chip, hypergrowth brands because of the great work and results we have demonstrated for our clients; and expanded our services and capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients, with content and social media teams, corporate and crisis communications offerings, and a large international network.

As an agency, we are poised for continued success and growth. In 2021, we continued to build our strong client base with the addition of brands like ChaosSearch, Stratus Technologies, and Nova Credit, and grew both revenues and the team by approximately 33% compared to 2020.

In 2022 and beyond, I will continue to lead V2 with a focus on our original goal: to be the best agency and the best partner for innovative, disruptive brands. We will continue to innovate as an agency, too – leaning into emerging technologies and communications strategies to help our clients tell their stories and achieve their business goals.

A sincere thank you to all who have been a part of V2 to date—to Maura; to our team, both the tenacious, curious team with us today and those who contributed to our success along the way; to our clients, from the very first who put their trust in our vision for a better PR firm, to the present who treat us as a true partner and extension of their team; and to our partners, both down the road and across the world. We are here because you were there.

And now, we are ready for what’s next: bigger ideas. bolder moves, and even better outcomes.



March 7, 2022


By Jean Serra


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