V2 Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing PR Agencies in Massachusetts

Last week, the Boston Business Journal put out its annual list of The Largest PR Firms in Massachusetts. We were thrilled to see V2 moved up five spots from the 2019 list to number 19, pointing to our company and client growth, and highlighting that our agency is thriving.

A lot has happened at V2 since the list was last published in August of 2019. We’ve gone through a rebrand, which helped us kick off the new decade with an entire suite of new, disruptive PR and digital communications offerings. We’ve also added several new clients, a testament to our reputation as a trusted partner for brand building as well as our ability to provide results, even under unique circumstances. But, most notably, we’ve grown our PR employee count by 44% – the most substantial growth percentage in all of Massachusetts, according to the BBJ.  

This is no coincidence – V2 has been committed to attracting the most talented and driven PR pros in the Commonwealth, recruiting team members that can quickly become go-to resources for our clients—who often see V2ers as an extension of their internal teams—and deliver impactful results.

As co-founder and partner Jean Serra put it, V2’s growth and success is “largely attributed to the amazing work of our team – a growing group of business-minded, creative communications professionals who are tenacious in their pursuit of results for clients.” Jean also attributed this milestone to V2’s leadership, adding that “as an organization, we also worked hard to stay in front of emerging client needs launching a new crisis communications practice, expanding our digital and content offerings to include podcasts, videos and virtual events and moving into new sectors like health care technology.”

If you know V2 at all, this accomplishment should come as no surprise—V2ers contribute disruptive creative ideas day in and day out to drive results and take our growth initiatives to the next level. And, don’t worry, we still have fun while we’re doing it.

For more information on how to join our growing team, visit our Careers page.


August 17, 2020


By Maura FitzGerald


Tech PR