Culture Club: Guess Who, V2

Did you know that not one…not two…but three V2ers have performed at Disney park in their lifetimes? Or that we have two D1 athletes in our ranks? How about a self-taught ukulele player, or a former coxswain for her university’s Men’s Rowing team? 

These are just some of the tidbits we’ve recently learned about our colleagues in our new V2 Fun Facts thread on Teams, where members of our Culture Club drop daily pieces of anonymous information for the rest of the agency to guess at the identities behindNow, we can’t say that we always guess correctly, but that just goes to show that, even with the tightest-knit workforce, there’s ample opportunity for us to continually be learning about the folks we work with. 

Beyond serving as a daily source of entertainment, this activity has been a creative way for us V2ers to uphold the strong company culture and sense of camaraderie that defines the agency’s character while we work remotely. Especially considering we have a number of new PR pros joining our team during this unusual time, it’s been helpful for getting to know one another in the absence of in-office meetings and after-work events. At V2, we hold personal character and wellbeing to equal importance as an employee’s professional persona, and so by sharing these fun facts we’ve been able to further capture and promote the vibrancy of the individuals staffing our teams. 

If you’re interested in joining in on the fun—and finding out which one of us doesn’t have a driver’s license, or a middle name—please visit our careers page. 


August 6, 2020


By Amanda Maguire


V2 Culture