V2s Clients During Crisis: Stepping Up to Provide Lifesaving Solutions

V2 represents a roster of impressively innovative clients, whose own bold moves and big thinking have never been more pronounced than in their responses to the COVID-19 crisis. From our brands in the healthcare sphere forging ahead with their life-saving technologies to those repurposing their facilities and tools to meet the needs of an evolving world, we’re proud to work alongside them in their efforts. Keep reading to learn more about the inspirational work our clients are doing to combat the ongoing pandemic.

Current Health

Current Health offers the world’s leading FDA-cleared, AI-powered remote patient management (RPM) platform and wearable device, which is currently being used by health care providers to monitor patients both at home and in hospital. The solution tracks critical health indicators – including core temperature, oxygenation and respiration rates – via a wearable, allowing providers to track a patient’s status at all times, no matter where they are. This allows providers to track lower-risk COVID-19 patients at home, freeing up critical hospital beds for higher-risk patients. It also allows hospitals to move at-risk patients – such as those with a chronic illness or cancer – home to lower their risk of infection, without sacrificing visibility into their health status.  


DirectPath, the company that guides employees to make better health care decisions, is offering its customers free access to a COVID-19 Employee Helpline, where they can reach out for answers to COVID-19 related questions, including what COVID-19-related care is covered by their plan and what sort of action they should take if they or a family member become sick with COVID-19. They can also receive general information about COVID-19 and recommendations for further resources. The company has also created FAQ pages that they are updating regularly on their website, for even easier access to this critical information.


Markforged, an industry 3D printing company, has been working hard to solve shortages created by an overstretched supply chain as people across the globe stay home and order their essential goods online. Personal protective equipment is at a premium, so it pushed a design for face shields to its customers—and currently, 300 customers have answered the call, printing about 2,000 shields. A critical shortage of nasopharyngeal swabs is also a major barrier widespread coronavirus testing, and Markforged has partnered with customer Neurophotometrics to create the Swabs56 Project – a clinically validated 3D-printed swab that was more effective than commercially available swabs in initial studies. Read more in Forbes, and IndustryWeek.

Rave Mobile Safety

Rave Mobile Safety is working with states, cities and counties across the country to equip local agencies and first responders with the tools they need to protect first responders, communicate with the public – especially those in vulnerable populations – and provide better emergency response during the coronavirus pandemic. Officials in Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana and Chicago, among others, are leveraging Rave’s solutions for critical public notifications and information sharing as public safety and health agencies work to disseminate accurate information and grapple with the pandemic’s resulting surge in 9-1-1 calls. One of Rave’s solutions, Smart911, a free service currently available in 40 states and more than 1,500 municipalities that allows people to provide key information to 9-1-1 call takers and first responders through a Safety Profile, has experienced a 130% increase in signups nationwide over the previous month. Read more in American City & County.


UiPath, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) leader, is offering healthcare organizations its software robots for free during the pandemic to help accelerate critical processes and free up strapped employees so they can more rapidly respond to issues. For example, The Mater Hospital in Dublin is using RPA to process COVID-19 testing kits in a fraction of the time and give nurses time back to focus on patients, and The Cleveland Clinic is using RPA to register patients who are coming in for testing to cut down on the current six-hour wait lines. RPA is also being used in response to the pandemic beyond the healthcare industry: two top-tier banks are using UiPath’s RPA technology to manage the influx of SBA loan applications tied to the CARES Act and ultimately cut application processing by 80%. For more information, the WSJ and VentureBeat share how businesses and hospitals are using UiPath in the fight against coronavirus.


DataRobot opened up its enterprise AI platform to anyone interested in using it to help with the COVID-19 virus response effort. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), DataRobot’s COVID-19 response program provides free access to DataRobot’s automated machine learning and Paxata data preparation solutions to those participating in the Kaggle competition sponsored by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy for COVID-19 related research. The DataRobot enterprise AI platform delivers production-ready machine learning models and enables customers to deploy, monitor and manage them at scale. Learn more in TechTarget and Forbes.


Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT connectivity provider and first global 0G network operator is providing free 0G connectivity for any IoT initiatives directly linked to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic – a broad offering that ranges from tracking and monitoring medical supplies inventory, to providing assistance for health workers.

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April 21, 2020


By Maura FitzGerald


Client Success