Report: Health Tech Media in a Post-COVID-19 World

There’s no question that COVID-19 accelerated the digitalization of the healthcare industry. While digital tools had been gaining ground before the pandemic, the coronavirus crisis amplified calls for solutions that would drive operational efficiencies for strapped health systems, facilitate patient care in the safest settings possible and set the foundation for more engaging, equitable care delivery models in the future.

Not only has COVID-19 driven drastic shifts in the healthcare market, but it’s also transformed healthcare media. From the inundation of breaking news to the rapid shift in beats, the pandemic has turned newsrooms on their heads.

As we look toward a post-pandemic world, we wondered, what are the issues, trends and companies health tech journalists are most interested in covering? What can health tech organizations do to break through the noise and serve up the news, content and sources that will steer industry conversations and shine a light on the state and future of healthcare?

To find out, we spoke with more than 20 of the top health tech reporters from both business and trade publications, including STAT, FierceHealthcare, Insider, Boston Business Journal (BBJ) and Health Leaders.

Download our report here to learn about newsrooms’ coverage priorities and how your press engagement strategies can stand out in a saturated healthcare media landscape: Health Tech Media Landscape in a Post-COVID-19 World 

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