Webinar: The State of Health Tech Journalism


The State of Health Tech Journalism: The Trends, News and Insight Media Care About Most

Between rampant hospital staffing shortages, an aging population, emerging care delivery models, and surprising M&A activity, there’s certainly a lot to talk about in the world of healthcare – and the role that technology is increasingly playing in it. As we reflect on the past year and prepare for what is sure to be a busy and exciting 2023, V2 hosted a webinar featuring healthcare media and influencers who shared their takes on the hottest trends in health tech today, the most significant and intriguing opportunities to enhance healthcare tomorrow, and the obstacles that must be overcome to take full advantage of better, tech-supported care. Panelists described how these issues and trends guide their reporting, and what news, content and sources they’re most interested in 2023.

Panelists included:
• Eric Wicklund, Innovation and Tech editor at HealthLeaders
• Gabe Perna, deputy editor of Digital Health & Business Technology (a Modern Healthcare brand)

The panel was moderated by V2 SVP and Health Tech practice lead Kristen Leathers.

Watch the webinar here.