Learn About V2's Services & Resources for a New Business Landscape

Content is the new currency of digital media as brands are presented with the opportunity to craft relevant, useful and distinctly valuable assets that compel buyers to take action and foster brand loyalty.

We believe great content in tandem with PR can maximize resources to move prospects from discovery to decision. After all, the goals of content and PR are the same: increase brand awareness, educate audiences, showcase thought leadership and industry positioning and increase customer loyalty. 

Our clients leverage V2’s messaging knowledge to extend PR campaign themes into content that assists with lead generation efforts, equips sales with powerful assets to complement the sales cycle and alleviates strain on internal team bandwidth.

Well-executed content based on compelling themes and delivered via the most effective channels, such as bylined articles, infographics, eBooks, case studies, videos, etc., ensures client stories are uniquely differentiated in a way that sticks.

Content is the grease on the gears of our demand generation. In addition to dozens of bylined articles from DaySmart executives, some long-form think pieces and some shorter trend-focused content, V2 has developed a myriad of content types we would likely not have built ourselves: Customer Spotlights, Q&As, eBooks, infographics, survey reports, etc. They are a valued “force multiplier” elevating our corporate brand and driving demand for our products.

Steve Martin
CMO Daysmart Software