Meet Kara Doran, V2’s New Director of Social Media

In today’s digital-forward world, social media is an essential component in any winning communications strategy. With the industry evolving so rapidly—information sharing can be instantaneous, and the lifespan of trends becomes shorter every day—we’re ramping up our social media prowess to stay at the forefront of the hottest channels of the moment. To that end, we welcome our new Director of Social Media, Kara Doran! 

Kara started her career in PR and then moved over to specialize in social media for the past 10 years, where she worked at National Geographic, Brand Networks and, most recently, Digitas. Keep reading to learn more about her new role at V2 and her advice for those in the industry.  

What drew you to V2?  

Besides the people, what drew me to V2 was the social media potential. V2 recognized and understood that to elevate themselves and their clients, they needed someone to come in and focus solely on social media and I love that.  

What are you most excited for in this  role?  

I’m most excited to make a difference in the world of PR via social media. I love the fact that I am able to come back to the industry where I started with more knowledge, lessons and confidence. Most importantly, I get to do it while working alongside some of the brightest PR experts in the business.  

What’s your favorite part about working in social media?  

My favorite part about working in social media is the way it impacts and connects so much of our society and culture now. I know a lot of people think otherwise but I love that social media can be an outlet to give so many a voice. I also love how disruptive the industry continues to be, which ultimately, helps me to grow and evolve. 

What’s a common mistake you see brands making on social media today? 

Posting content just to post content or partaking in a trend that isn’t relevant to them. It’s my biggest pet peeve – and brands aren’t the only ones at fault here, we all do it. To clarify, I am not saying that brands shouldn’t take risks, because in theory, the brands that take the biggest risks tend to see the biggest rewards; however, it’s equally as important to sit back, listen and learn in some situations.  

What’s a piece of advice you’d give to PR pros looking to get into social media? 

Focus on why you want to get into social media and create a strategy around that. While you are in the early stages, try not to focus too much on tangible goals. Always remember who your audience is and make sure the platforms you choose are where your target audience is active. Lastly, when sharing content ask yourself, “Would I engage with this post if I saw it?”  

The influence of social media can’t be overlooked in today’s modern age. Learn how V2 can help you develop your social media strategy here 


June 23, 2021


By Courtney Garvey


Social Media, V2 Culture