Seizing the Opportunity of the Exploding Climate Tech Market: The Importance of Timely & Compelling Public Relations

While traditional tech companies, both public and private, are feeling financial pressure from inflation and the fears of an oncoming recession, the climate tech segment continues to attract the interest of investors. In the first half of 2022, climate tech startups raised a collective $19B across 500 venture deals (Climate Tech VC). According to Mckinsey & Company, By 2025, next-generation climate technologies could attract upwards of $2 trillion of annual capital investment. Part of this continued excitement comes on the heels of new policies in support of the development and implementation of clean energy, most notably, the United States Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—estimated to dedicate $374 billion to funding domestic production in clean energy technologies like solar, wind, carbon capture and clean hydrogen.

The coming together of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and policymakers to get to Net Zero has created a “perfect storm” for climate tech startups with big and noble ambitions. Along with this market enthusiasm comes competition; for earlier-stage businesses, this competition is felt acutely in the war for talent; as businesses scale toward commercialization, it’s critical to differentiate their technology and business models while establishing themselves as market leaders. In short, well-formulated, strategic communications plans are critical for climate tech businesses at all stages.  

The Power of Public Relations for Climate Tech Businesses

For businesses across industries, clear, compelling messaging is the linchpin of effective brand marketing and essential to establishing thought leadership and presence within highly competitive markets. This is also true for even earlier stage climate tech businesses that must sell the promise of innovation and build credibility and excitement amongst prospective employees, investors and partners along the path toward commercialization.   

Here are three ways climate tech newcomers can harness the power of their public relations (PR) communications:

  1. Ensure clear, compelling messaging from the top down

Companies looking to carve out space within an increasingly competitive climate market must create (or refine) a set of differentiated, defensible and powerful messages that tell the company’s story through compelling language that aligns with and articulates its vision, mission and goals. And, avoid industry jargon and buzzwords. While keywords may ping on a Google search, using commonplace phrasing dampens credibility and should be left to out-of-touch conglomerates that don’t have a true pulse on the state of the climate industry.

Clearly formulated, on-brand and compelling messaging can serve as the basis for all go-to-market materials, including sales and marketing materials, pitch decks, website content, public relations, employer brand/recruiting assets and more.

  2. Make the most of milestone news events

A significant news event is a pivotal time for a company and provides the brand with a unique opportunity to build awareness and differentiation in the market. While the exact news events may vary—brand launches, investments/funding rounds, product launches, major partnerships—each media opportunity is essential to bringing news of your company’s innovation, growth or expertise to market. The key to successful communications around significant news events is not only to emphasize the “day of” activity but to create a long tail for press coverage that leverages multiple media strategies for the highest impact. This includes leveraging the media moment to start building relationships with target editors and journalists and complementing news with content campaigns that establish company executives as thought leaders.

  3. Mind your own media channels

Owned media channels are just as important as “earned” media. Climate tech companies looking to leave an imprint in the minds of their audience must put their best online foot forward, sharing the brand’s innovations, thoughts and insights along web and social properties. While promoting the company and its innovations across these online channels is great, climate tech companies can also build brand credibility and drive website traffic by providing audiences with compelling, thought-provoking, and in-depth real-time analysis of industry news and events.

Choose a Partner to Accelerate Your Company’s Brand Ambitions

As the media pays more attention to climate issues and the innovations that can help mitigate emissions or help our communities adapt to unavoidable catastrophes, there is both opportunity and competition in gaining the attention of relevant journalists.  Organizations lacking the resources and expertise to make the most of each media moment or to develop clear and compelling brand messaging can partner with a PR agency, like V2 Communications, that has a close finger on the pulse of climate tech trends, a proven track record for building visibility and credibility for climate tech brands, and a shared passion for bringing innovations to market that can help avoid a climate disaster.

To learn more about how V2 has helped various climate tech companies generate brand awareness and market presence throughout their fight against climate change, visit the V2 Climate Tech page.


October 31, 2022


By Melissa Mahoney


Climate Tech