Top 6 Social Media Accounts Every PR Pro Should Follow

Public relations has come a long way since the days of faxes and physical media directories. The Internet, digital news outlets and a 24/7 news cycle have all impacted how PR professionals do their jobs—and social media is the next frontier. Between sliding into reporters’ DMs on Twitter or liking their posts on Instagram, social media allows PR professionals to see the person behind the email they’re pitching. It also makes it easy to follow our favorite outlets—from the New York Times to AdAge—for bite-sized, real-time updates throughout the day.

Social media makes PR more personal, empowering us to choose the way we build relationships or receive news. Yet, with so many reporters and outlets on social media today, PR professionals should choose who to follow wisely. What do you want to see in your feed every day? Who do you want to connect with? We compiled a few suggestions to help you get started:


Reuters: @reuters

Known for accurate, in-depth journalism, Reuter’s Instagram feed showcases current events, pop culture and trends from around the world. The company picks its most stunning photos for Instagram, offering followers a quick and dynamic look into the day’s top news stories.

AdWeek: @adweek

AdWeek covers breaking news and trends in media, marketing and advertising, so following its Instagram makes it easy to stay in-the-know. Their feed also highlights clever and creative examples of marketing campaigns, which are sure to prompt ideas for your own work.

PR News: @prnews

If you’re in need of PR inspiration, look no further. PR News shares campaign ideas, quotes from PR influencers and executives, sponsored workshops, networking events and awards for PR professionals to take advantage of. Their social media posts link to best practices for social media, crisis management, how to engage journalists and more.



ABC News: @ABC
As media professionals, it’s our job to make sure we have accurate information to share with our clients and to create campaigns. Known for being one of the most neutral news sources, ABC News delivers trustworthy takes on the biggest stories both at home and internationally.

AP Stylebook: @APStylebook

Whether you’re drafting press releases or contributed content, following the AP style guide is essential in this field. AP’s Twitter account equips followers with grammar rules related to current and pop culture events—and it keeps content entertaining. Do you know when to capitalize the names of wine and cheese?









Lauren Edwards: @LaurenEdwardsSV

As the founder of WriteCulture, Lauren Edwards offers workshops to help technology PR and marketing professionals overcome writing obstacles. Check out her Twitter feed for tips to keep your writing clean and compelling.

Social media is an increasingly necessary tool for PR professionals to leverage. Let us know who your favorite accounts are in the comments below, and make sure to follow Version 2.0 on Twitter and Instagram!


November 28, 2019


By Erin Cooper


Professional Development